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Whether designed for living or business, the science of interior design serves two masters—the clientele and the investor. The art Marianna Holoway brings into this science & design approach is to balance their needs in ways that honor the laws of attraction at every price point—building brand loyalty, satisfaction , and happiness.

Arcon Design’s approach is a unique specialty in the construction industry. From designing restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, luxury apartments, or mega mansions, to a portfolio that extends into customizing furniture, lighting fixtures and floor plan solutions while providing the best materials every time. 

Their concept of “democratic design”—to increase the quality objects at lower prices so that more people can enjoy the best—set Arcon Design apart in early 2000, when design was geared exclusively towards the elite.

Their inventive and fanciful interior concepts for numerous restaurant, hospitality, and retail projects are world-renowned and their design is entirely sustainable and eco-friendly. 

A self-proclaimed “tireless citizen of the world” Marianna Holoway considers it’s her duty to share her ethical and subversive vision with the world.

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No residential or commercial interior design project is too big for our skilled crew to handle. Over the years, our interior designers have worked in:

Homes | Villas | Hotels | Nightclubs | Restaurants | Apartments

We’ve even provided interior design services for boats.
Don’t wait to get started on your commercial or residential interior design job – contact us today to discuss your budget and expectations.
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